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Our Story

We just love ice cream!

Founders, JP and Beverly Hearn, come from generations of pioneering entrepreneurs.  Generations of business owners, church-going community-minded individuals that taught us that faith and family are the foundation of community.  Following prophetic words spoken over their lives, they began to envision a place that would bring back the spirit of a simpler time.  The atmosphere at Fountainville reflects simple pleasures done the old fashioned way, in a modern setting.  


The prophecy which was spoken by three different prophets over a ten year period said that they would be a fountain of blessings to many others.  Like a waterfall or melting glacier, that would flow over the mountain nourishing all below, the milk and honey in our product symbolize this aspect of our commitment to our employees, customers, and the community.  


We are proud to have been able to help with fundraising for several projects, including a food bank, 

women’s shelter, school fundraisers, and music and cheerleading clubs.  We are humbled by

the participation of the community and appreciate the support of friends, family, and customers who have given us their patronage.  

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